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Witchcraft Supplies

Sacred Mists Shoppe welcomes you with thousands of Witchcraft Supplies; even the unique and hard-to-find imports! We carry supplies for your all of your witchcraft needs including Herbs, Crystals, Athames and Swords, Cauldrons, Witchcraft Books, Spells, UK Imports throughout our Witchcraft supply store and much, much more!

Featured Witchcraft Supplies Available Now at Sacred Mists Shoppe!
Witchcraft supply chest

Our bestselling Fully Stocked Pentacle Chest of Witchcraft carries all of your basic witchcraft supplies. Look no further, your Witch supply set is here. This is a perfect Witchcraft Altar and Suppply kit with the oils, incense, candles and herbs to help dedicate you to the path of Witch Craft and keep you working within it. Perfect for the novice Witch or seasoned Witchcraft practitioner.

Witchcraft Athame

The Athame is most likely the magickal tool one first acquires and our Celtic Sgian Dubh is perfect for the Working Witch! Athames are used in many magickal paths and spiritual practices. An athame is traditionally a double-sided blade. The Athame often represents the Element of Air (or the Element of Fire, depending on the Witchcraft Tradition) for the Working Witch.  

"The Magick and Power of the Working Witch is an Awesome Power to Behold"

The Athame is often times the first magickal tool one acquires. Athames are used in many magickal and spiritual paths. An athame is one of the common altar tools. Traditionally, it's a double bladed knife with a black handle. Sometimes they can be difficult to find, so many modern Wiccans will use any kind of knife or blade as their athame. Athames are not used for cutting or other mundane tasks, though they can sometimes be used to cut the cake at a handfasting. Some leave them plain, others decorate, paint and carve symbols into the wood handle. The Athame can represent the Element of Air (or the Element of Fire, in some traditions) and is often used to cast the circle.

Witches Altar Bells have been used for centuries in Spell Crafting. The ringing of a bell unleashes vibrations which have powerful effects. Some use bells for removing unwanted or negative energies as well as calling in spirits. The bell is often used to invoke the Goddess in Wiccan Witchcraft ritual. Bells are rung during rituals to signal the beginning or ending of a spell. Folklore tells us how people would have their farm animals and pets wear bells to keep away the Evil Eye and evil spirits. The outer portion of a bell is referred to as the female. The Hammer is seen as the male. Ringing a bell signifies and celebrates an occasion or moment in time; clears and purifies the space for this time. Also by ringing a bell perception and awareness can be altered. Wiccan bells are rung to outline portions of Rituals and Celebrations.

Cauldrons are important Witchcraft Tools traditionally used for cooking and brewing! The Ritual Cauldron represents the Water Element; Direction of West and also the Fire Element. The Cauldron has a mythological based on the Celtic traditions, and another on popular beliefs. It has been associated with witches from the begining, as the place where the infamous potions were boiled. The symbology takes it both as a tool of transformation (elements enter it in one state and leave it in another) and as an image of the mother's womb. Use for scrying, incense burning, candle burning, mixing herbs, oils and witch crafting brews!

The Ritual Chalice is used on the altar representing the Water element, the direction of West and the eternal Feminine. We offer a large variety of chalices for you to choose from. The chalice is often thought of and used as a smaller version of the cauldron. When we say Chalice, we are referring to a type of goblet, usually round, in which we'll have water represented during rituals, even though on ocassions it might contain some other liquid, for example wine during Sabbat feasts. Leave the mundane commonplace behind as you enter the mysteries with your brand new Chalice!

Altar tiles frequently represent the element Earth, depending on the imagery put forth on the tile itself. Earth is the solid practical element connecting you to material reality. Altar tiles can (and should) change seasonally with the turn of the Witchcraft Wheel of the Year.

The Ritual Wand is frequently used on the altar for the element Fire. Some also use the wand for Air. It is a way to direct power and energy towards your specific intentions. Focusing your will. The wand is a popular tool in magick. Whether in the magick wand of the fairy godmothers, or the staff of the magicians in fairy tales, it has survived in the collective image of the magick witchcraft practitioners as a guide and director of power. And that image is not far from the truth: in witchcraft ritual, the wand will fulfill the function of conducting the energy we raise during ritual, more or less in a way similar to the athame. Symbolizing the masculine energy, and assigned (according to tradition) to either Fire or Air, the wand will serve you during ritual, although perhaps with a less agressive quality than that of the athame or the sword. We have many wands to choose from including those crafted of Pewter, Wood varieties, and other witchcraft wand materials. Choose one (or more) that's right for you!
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