Speaking from Experience

When considering entrance into Sacred Mists, the most common question that often goes unasked is, "What can I expect?" Thousands of students from every corner of the globe have entered Sacred Mists and have come to know our Circle and Coven as their own spiritual home and extended Wiccan family. Many have tried other online, and offline, training programs and groups and find that what Sacred Mists provides is beyond compare, and exactly what they have been seeking. Our collective personal investment on this journey shows in all that we bring, together, toward the betterment of our spiritual and magickal selves. We hope that by reading some of the testimonials that Sacred Mists Students have written about their own experiences, you will get a feel for what you can expect when you, yourself, become a Student of Wicca in the Sacred Mists Tradition and a member of the Circle and Coven we call our spiritual home. We look forward to having you join us as a new Student in our Wicca Training program as you begin your magickal journey with actively practicing, Working Witches around the world!

I grew up in the Southern Baptist tradition, but never felt that was where I belonged. Discovering Paganism and Wicca in the military, I knew that was my path. I tried a couple of covens over the years, never truly feeling at home, and continued to study as a Solitary for many years. Finding Sacred Mists, I feel that I am finally home.
~ Keridwen
I grew up in a very forward thinking house in Northern California in the 60's. My mom always said I was "special" and encouraged my abilities. When I moved to Texas, I found that I was literally a fish out of water. I needed to find a place to survive and one night I located Sacred Mists and here I've been; happy and able to be ME. Because of Sacred Mists, I've grown to be what my Mom always saw. Thank you.
~ Snowyowl
Merry Meet! I have been at the Mists for only a few months 9at time of this writing), but I have learned so much already! The community is warm and welcoming and there is so much to do and learn. The Mists also gives you the opportunity to share your own thoughts and ideas. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wishes to learn more about Wicca, or to anyone who would like to feel part of a trusting, honest environment!
~ MoonlitDreamer
I grew up in a Southern Baptist family. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a witch, but my family's values are very different from that of Wicca. By the time I left home, I was very conflicted about my spirituality and it took me several years to reconcile the Christian view of "evil" with what I felt in my heart to be true. When I came to Sacred Mists, I had been on a solitary path for a few years. My busy schedule has not allowed for me to connect with a local coven, but I still felt a pull to be involved in a community and to get a more structured foundation. I did a lot of research on different options and kept coming back to Sacred Mists. The small investment is worth every penny. The immediate trust and comfort that I felt was overwhelming and the experience has only improved with time. Sacred Mists is a place that I am proud to call home.
~Misty River
The people who run businesses are sometimes not in it. For those people, it seems they just want to make money and they have that as their primary goal and general purpose. I don't feel that way about Sacred Mists. Here they are genuinely caring and compassionate people. I was having problems when I started here and the head of the whole school, Lady Raven Moonshadow, CALLED ME and asked me howshecouldhelp. She then preceeded to spend a half hour on the phone with me solving the problem and talking me throughit. The problem was my lack of computer knowledge and she taught me, step-by-step, everything I needed to know to be able to adequately use the computer during my training here.There were some little tricks that I was not familiar with and she taught me all of them. She took the time out of her life to help make mine easier and she honestly made me so happy and confident. Those are kinds of people that you'll find here. Honestly, everyone is like that... I love it here! This will be my school for as long as I am kickin'.
~ Isis Winter Magick
I have been a practicing witch, on and off, for the past 13 years. I took a few mail-in courses to get more info on herbology and divination, I'd even gotten some friends to get together to learn and discuss things. Over the years there have been so many small questions that I've wanted to ask or to get someone else's opinion (or just to hear that I'm not the only one who thinks that way) but I don't know of anyone else around to ask and the questions seemed too small to find someone to ask about, and I just assumed I'd figure them out someday. I found Sacred Mists and joined almost immediately. The amount of information and knowledge that is here can be overwhelming - it's great! I've had a mentor checking in on me, seeing how I'm doing. I post questions or just my thoughts on the student boards and there are always responses, anything from support and understanding to useful feedback and suggestions. It's been absolutely amazing and I honestly cannot recommend Sacred Mists enough. I'm very much a solitary person but being here I have the option of connecting with others to help and be helped. It's wonderful!
~ January Obsidian
I was brought up with Christian beliefs. As I grew older, they just didn't add up for me. I have always had a strong connection with the moon, ocean, nature and animals. I stopped going to church when I was allowed to make up my own mind. After I got out of the Navy, I worked at ATT. One day a woman came up to me, I had never seen her before, and gave me Vivian Crowley's book, Wicca, The Old Religion in the New Age. It was yellow and well worn. She said to me "This is who you are." I never saw her again. After reading that book, I understood what I was feeling and proceeded to venture farther. I read and read. I bought Raymond Buckland's book, The Complete Book of Witchcraft. I made my own robe, I still have it, and used his method to help me with my Wiccan name. I moved to South Carolina and finally had access to a computer. I had no one to talk to here. My family are mostly Catholic and very judgmental, except for my mom. Anyway, I discovered the Sacred Mists and have been here now for two years (at time of this writing). I had never been one to discuss anything with anyone online, so at first I was just reading. I soon discovered the love and patience here. I can't imagine being anywhere else. I have learned so much here and the learning has really only begun. There is so much else to learn. Thanks to all here at the Mists for being my extended family and for all of your support. I love you all!!!!
~Leanora the Sea Witch
In a world where there is opposition and closed minds.. Sacred Mists is a beacon of light and hope. This is home to most complete learning experience. There are not only in depth lessons at my own pace, but a community that share their experiences and help guide in a safe and healthy manner. Questions are encouraged. There is no blind faith here. There are friendships made and help through life's pitfalls and celebrations as well. There is nothing like Sacred Mists or the community here. I believe I am home. Blessings!
~ Mystic Amri
I have been a part of the Sacred Mists for approximately five years now, and have been a practicing Wiccan for eleven years. I can honestly say that the training at Sacred Mists is the most complete, challenging, and enriched curriculum that I have experienced. The people of the Mists are what makes it so special - I have made friends and connections here that will last a lifetime and beyond. I am proud to be a Priestess of the Sacred Mists and encourage anyone looking for a nurturing and robust spiritual environment to join us in the Mists. I know I count my blessings every day that I found this special place.
~ Yemaya Olokun
Priestess of Sacred Mists
Third Degree Dedicant
I have been a pagan for about a two years after becoming frustrated with the Dogma & rules of Christianity. I am here at Sacred Mists to learn something you can't in a book. So far I have completed the 1st degree in the Correllian tradition, so I knew a little bit already coming in, and am here to continue learning. My intent is to stay and earn my certificates with Sacred Mist. I love my fellow students here.
~ Caracalla
Southwest Louisiana
Living in a country that doesn't have many (if any) Wiccan covens and looking for my path in the pagan ways was really challenging. When I found Sacred Mists it took me some time to decide if I am going to invest my money into something that demanded me first to pay and then see for myself. It was the best decision I made. Not only the education in here is serious and well structured but the welcoming feeling you get from everyone is amazing. There is an abundance of extra courses to study along with the regular lessons and your pace and rhythm is always respected. I immediately felt accepted and now, 2.5 years after my entry, I know that I have found my home. I count my blessings everyday and wholeheartedly offer my gratitude to the Goddess and God who guided me here. If what you seek is a loving environment, really deep and challenging knowledge, a place where you and your education is taken seriously and "like-minded" people to learn and grow with, then this is the right place for you.
Blessings and Healing,
~ Adalia
It is amazing how my life has changed ever since I joined Sacred Mists, more than two and a half years ago. Not only I found a place of knowledge, but also friendship, companionship, commitment, love, inspiration. Every day in Sacred Mists is a wonderful surprise. I am proud to be a member, I am grateful to be a part of this great family, and I bless the person who first introduced me here. This is a life time path for me and I strongly recommend it to any good willing seeker.
~ Joralyn Elensar )O(
Second Degree Sacred Mists Dedicant
I was born and raised as a Southern Baptist, even being baptized twice. But, no matter how hard I tried, I could never feel completely attune to the dogma that I was being introduced to. I discovered Wicca because I was doing research on different spiritual paths. I home school my 14 year old son, and we were beginning to go over his questions about spirituality. While doing the research, I found that Wicca was more in line with my spiritual needs. I heard the call of the Goddess and I answered the call. But, I knew that I would need guidance, so I began researching various means. The best one for me seemed to be the online approach. Like many people, I had some concerns about becoming part of an online community, especially one dealing with Wicca. I was concerned about connecting with others and the safety involved with online communities. I found Sacred Mists College and within the first week, I knew that I was HOME! I have been here for over one year and I spend most of my time studying and connecting with my brothers and sisters of The Mists. I love the degree programs and the extension classes that are offered. I love the amount of participation that I am involved with. The online rituals are fantastic. Lady Raven has created an atmosphere of love and security like no other. Sacred Mists is more than a college and community, it is a home and a family.
~ Wyllow Sapphyre
I joined the Sacred Mists community in October of 2008 and found both more than I expected and more than I was looking for. Outside of the Wiccan degree program, I was pleased to find many extra-curricular courses (included as part of my tuition at no extra fee) which provide in-depth instruction in such subjects as chakras and the energy body, pendulums, runes, homeopathy, yoga, belly dancing, tai chi and tarot. If you're looking for a tarot school, don't go anywhere else. The instruction, feedback and responses by and from the actively involved facilitators of the tarot course combined with the weekly group sessions in the community chat room are superior to any method of study I've tried so far and I've become a stronger, more competent and more confident reader as a result of my study here; you won't find a more interactive, responsive and lively community anywhere else which has more to offer.
~ Olivander
If you're looking for some formal training in witchcraft, and there are no "like-minded" people in your area or you just don't have the time to go to classes, rituals and such, then Sacred Mists is the place for you. Here you will find a wonderful community of individuals who are here to learn, share ideas and experiences and help one another on their chosen paths. I came here almost three years ago expecting to get through one degree each year, but with all the extension classes and activities and the forum content, find myself still in my "first year" of studies and in no hurry to get anywhere.

Lady Raven and Sacred Mists, you're the best there is! Brightest Blessings.

~ Dark Wolf of the Wood
Jacksonville, NC
I have been practicing Wicca on and off since I was 16 and, until I found Sacred Mists, I'd never managed to find a place that made me feel so welcome and at home right from the get go. The Mists is a place of warmth, friendship and an amazing wealth of knowledge. The availability of resources and the willingness of its members to help you along your journey are some of its greatest assets. The study offered in the online training are not simply your basic 101 and provokes thought, research and discussion. The core training is complemented well by the availability of extra courses you can undertake in order to better develop your understanding of certain fields.
~ Brynaama
Becoming a student of the Sacred Mists has been one of the most rewarding decisions of my life. Before I came here I was scared, lonely and unsure of myself and my path. From the first moment I entered the forums I have been surrounded by the love of my fellow students and Lady Raven. The family I have here is so amazingly supportive and caring that I know I will never be alone again.

I have learned so much, not just about my path but about myself as well. There is an abundance of knowledge and so many people willing to share it. I couldn't imagine my life without the Sacred Mists. I am a better person because of my experiences here. I have truly found the home of my heart.
~ Maialee
I've been searching all my life for that one place where my spirit could take flight and grow. Growing up Catholic, I began to ask questions when things didn't resonate with what I felt in my heart. I visited many different churches and tried on many different religions, each one lacking and leaving me unfulfilled. That was until I found Sacred Mists. Unknowingly, I began my Wiccan path as a child and incorporated the craft in everything I did. As an adult, I began to search for the knowledge of who I really was and what I believed in. I became a solitary, absorbing any information I could, but I wanted to learn more. One night, I began searching for a teacher, a mentor, a place where I could find what was missing. I came across Sacred Mists. I didn't join right away, instead prayed and continued my search. I continued to be led back here. It took me months to make the commitment and at that time it was almost 3 years ago (at time of this writing). It was a life-changing experience for me. In the time since joining, I have learned so much about who I am. And my spiritual wings have taken flight, fulfilling me in a way that I never thought possible. Not only am I getting a strong education, but I'm learning things that help me in every aspect of my life. Sacred Mists doesn't just give you information, it gives you a sense of being, of accomplishment, of belonging, of knowing. You learn life skills that you can use everyday. And the depth of wisdom from the many intricate classes available to you are far superior to any mundane college I've attended. In fact, I must tell you - in three years, I still am amazed at all the classes I have available to me and look forward to taking each and every one of them. It's not an easy journey, far from it. But, it is a journey that I wouldn't trade for anything. There is a sense of "home" here. The friendships developed here have become family to me. And Lady Raven MoonShadow is "real". I can not put into words the feelings that come to mind when thinking of all she has done for us. The student council and never-ending care. It's astonishing what this place, this Coven, means to me. When you decide to walk in these doors, myself and many others are waiting to Welcome you Home! I look forward to meeting you and sharing with you what I have found to be the most amazing place in the world! Brightest Blessings & Sweetest Hugs,
~ Brianna Sasra Sidhe-Wolf
Dedicant of Sacred Mists
Asheville, North Carolina
The subjects that are discussed at Sacred Mists (divination, meditation, sacred movement, ley lines, healing, crystal meanings, essential oils, gods and goddesses, tools, rituals, and so much more) are the ones that beat at the core of my being. These are the things that really matter to me. I have a very limited number of acquaintances in "real" (i.e., mundane) life that I can discuss these subjects with. Therefore, Sacred Mists is like a spiritual oasis to me. I am parched. I come here to drink, to quench the thirst of my spirit. It is nourishes something in me to be able to communicate with others about these things. The pool of knowledge and experience to draw from is vast. I have never seen a question go unanswered. Lady Raven and the staff work tirelessly (or so it seems!) to constantly improve things and to listen to concerns, questions and requests for help and to address them in a fair and loving manner. They provide numerous extension courses, workshops, chats, and rituals that educate us, welcome us, nurture us, and invite us to participate in the joy and power of magickal being-ness. Also, before I joined Sacred Mists, I had very little opportunity to practice Reiki. Here, I have constant opportunities to use such skills, as well as the opportunity to ask advice of advanced practitioners. As a result, my healing skills have blossomed faster and more strongly that I could have anticipated; enabling me to grow as a person and help others even more. I am humbly and profoundly grateful for that alone.
~ Rose at Twilight
Sacred Mists is the living embodiment and essence of a spiritual path with great heart and vision. We form a vast circle of Perfect Love/Perfect Trust, wherein you are immediately welcomed, embraced, and encircled into the loving arms of the most wise and wonderful Witches I have ever met!
~ Siren Crescentmoon
When I was first searching for a place to learn, I knew what I wanted. I was looking for a place that would share real, valuable and honest information with me. A place that would be open to my many questions. A place that would be accepting of my different opinions on things. A place that would value my input. A place that would challenge me, and support me. A place to help me stay grounded, and teach me to fly at the same time. A place that would allow me to keep my priorities as a mother, a professional, and a woman. I was looking for a place I could trust with my spiritual growth. I stumbled on Sacred Mists, and it felt right. But, I could also feel the doubt. What if it's not right? What if they don't know what they are talking about? What if I'm just going through a phase? It took a real leap of faith for me to sign up. I have NEVER looked back. I have found every thing I was looking for, and more. I found a family. Brothers and Sisters that laugh with me when I share stories about my kids and cry with me when I suffer loss. They care about my daily journey, and walk the path with me. They understand me, and love me. I didn't believe the testimonials when I was reading them. I just didn't think such a place could exist. If you are reading these testimonials it means you are where I was a year and a half ago. Wondering if you should join. Wondering if it will help you. Take the leap. I look forward to meeting you. Be Well.
~ Freya
Half Moon Bay, CA
I have been Wiccan for some time, but my husband and I were physically separated from our Mystery School when we relocated. For over two years, we practiced as solitaries, away from our hive, and feeling isolated and cut off from community. It was by chance - or perhaps not by chance! - that I came across Sacred Mists when a friend asked me to look at some of the candles for sale in the Shoppe. While I was looking at the candles and some of the other wonderful things for sale there, I started clicking on other links and found myself at the College website. The more I read, the more I wanted to know. I had some concerns, as I was not new to Wicca or to the Craft about 'beginning again', but those concerns were thoroughly addressed. After only a few days, I decided that I would enroll and see if I could find myself a new spiritual home and community. I have not been even slightly disappointed. In fact, I have never felt more at home or more enriched and inspired. This is a wonderful place to learn and to grow. It is a place where you will be challenged, and where you will find community and loving friendship unlike any you have experienced before. The core lessons of the college are thought-provoking and informative, the extension classes are amazing and the students here become your best and most intimate friends. There truly is something for everybody; no matter where your specific interests may lie, you will find something to nourish them as you move along your path. The online delivery system works, and there are real-time chats and classes to help along the way, as well as mentor support that is particularly helpful for those who are not used to this type of environment. Finally - the online rituals deserve comment, I think. As someone who came to Sacred Mists from another community, I was already experienced in ritual practice. I can honestly say that the online rituals are at least as moving and as fulfilling as the "real world" experiences I have had - perhaps more because I am circling with people to whom I feel very close and connected. My husband has been so impressed with my experience here - in rituals and with the College itself - that he also joined Sacred Mists and we are practicing together again! If you are looking to move along your spiritual path and feel as if you need a home, Sacred Mists is a wonderful place to look for it. I have never felt more welcome and I look forward to my journey here. I hope I'll see you on your travels, as well! Love and Blessings,
~ SheenaghBrighid
Before jumping into an online Wicca school, I did a little research and found nothing quite as seemingly extensive as Sacred Mists. Once I read some of the testimonials from others, I was sold and signed myself up. Initially, I jumped in with both feet, signed up for the herbalist course and began working through a couple of the many extra side courses along with the main curriculum. I have to admit that even though I jumped in head on (which is how I tend to do things) a bit of skepticism remained, until I started getting to know some of the wonderful fellow students here at the Mists. It is truly a supportive and open minded environment that nurtures a sense of self, learning, and beautiful spirituality. Lady Raven has shown herself to be a true leader and the rest of the staff and board facilitators have been nothing but understanding and helpful. The online rituals can be a very rewarding and powerful experience, and the amount of information on the site is incredible. As I tend to allow life to get in the way of my spiritual studies now and then, I always find myself coming back to the community of Sacred Mists for a retreat, a renewed sense of self and inspiration!
~ Kai Willow
I am a newer student here at Sacred Mists, and I was very skeptical about joining an online college. I now see that it was one of the greatest things I have done for myself. Everyone is very friendly and I have felt like one of the family from day one, and that it is one big family. The lessons are challenging but you are never alone, there is always some one here to take you by the hand and guide you. The extension classes are wonderful, most of all you can step right in and work at your own pace. I have never been a very open person but I now find myself speaking with others on a daily basis. Thank you Sacred Mist for helping me find my way.
~ Medowhawk
I was lost but now am found
as I tread unfamiliar ground
free to seek free to speak
on my path I am led
loved by all, tears to shed
wisdom keepers I do find
embraces of heart and mind
finally comfortable in my skin
no longer in a whirlwind spin
now that my soul is sound
to mother earth I am bound
halls of joy, love and laughter
a family we all look after
all has led me to this place
thank the Great Goddesses grace
(A poem I wrote on my feelings in being in the Sacred Mists.)
~ Gypsy Aurora
Being a solitary creature, when I started to step onto this path, I spent time reading, attended a Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, met other like minded people, and then went as far as I thought I could go without some outside help. I mean, we can only learn so much from books and I didn't want to join a coven, because I firstly didn't know where to find one, secondly, like I said, I am a solitary creature, at least when it comes to my spirituality. So, I went on the hunt for another way to learn, to connect with like minded people (my other experiences had not been great, and some of them actually put me off putting both feet on this wonderful path and this amazing journey I find myself on!!) and found the Sacred Mists. I thought about it for some time, kept coming back to the site again and again, and then had this amazing dream which gave me my answer. So, I joined the Mists and have been studying here for only 6 months and have grown more in that time than I have in ages, or in a lifetime. At first I had doubts, some of us do, but I know this is the right place for me. It is a wonderful place to study, to meet people, it is supportive, loving, and everything I imagined people who were following this path would be. I have finally found a home where I feel safe, warm, and yes, fuzzy!! There is a wealth of information to be had, from the teachers, the students (and we are all both, i am learning here) and from the classes and ritual. I can't believe that as a solitary witch I have found my home in a busy, thriving, growing circle of people. I have finally put both feet firmly on this path and that is partly, in fact mostly, due to the wonderful circle at Sacred Mists. So thank you!! Fantastic!!
~ MayweedMole
United Kingdom
Joining Sacred Mists was like finally coming home to the place I had been searching for all my life. The spiritual path, the sense of community, the wonderful people all make the Mists what it is, a happy, caring, loving and safe place, with a vibrant community and superb teaching. I am so grateful to Lady Raven and all my brothers and sisters here in the Mists for their guidance, their friendship and for just being there for me and for walking the Path alongside me. They are my family in spirit and I hope will always remain so.
~ Mehitabel Chyfriniwr
Discovering Sacred Mists has been incredible. I could have never imagined an online coven being so real and wonderful. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about the online rituals, but the experience is truly amazing. In all the 'offline' rituals I attended, I have not experienced the energy and the power of everyone gathered in a circle like I have here. There are many classes offered, and most are included in the very reasonable tuition. The variety is very impressive, and there is something to satisfy everyone's interest. The structure of the school and classes is very easy to follow. Everybody is very loving, friendly and accepting; from Lady Raven and student council, to every single student in school. Sacred Mists has very quickly become my home and my family. I feel very fortunate and happy to have found my way here! Love and light,
~ WolfSong
Sacred Mists has changed my life in more ways than I can count. I have met so many beautiful people here, and everyone is always here to help with anything I need. The lessons are very challenging, and if you have a question, someone always has an answer. I know that if it were not for Sacred Mists, I would not have a coven because the nearest covens that I have found are about two hours away. It is such a convenient way to learn. There are chats almost every day, and the conversation is always fun and light hearted, no arguing or drama. Lady Raven goes out of her way to get special offers for us such as Sacred Mists Tradition robes, (and extra-curricular) courses taught by two very wonderful and wise witches, Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. I must also say that I love every single item I've received from the Sacred Mists Shoppe. The quality can't be beat! (Of course, buying anything is never required). I can't even begin to think of how much I would have missed out on if I had never joined Sacred Mists. It is well worth the small tuition fee. You won't find all of this anywhere else.
~ Aqua Dream Catcher
Joining Sacred Mists was one of the best decisions I ever made. Coming her was coming home. NOWHERE will you find a more loving, accepting, and nurturing family. The bonds formed here are everlasting. The knowledge learned is beyond compare. We have an exceptional HP, Lady Raven, that truly cares for each and every one of us. You will find no better place to learn and grow, no matter what path you follow. We welcome you to Sacred Mists. Love and Blessings,
~ Catwolf
I have been a part of the Sacred Mists since 2005. I live in the UK, so was a little dubious about joining an US-based, online college (time differences, it just seems so far away...that kind of thing), but after reading through the available courses and all about the community I gave it a go and now, looking back, I am glad I did. :) Lady Raven and the Student Council provide a safe, non-judgmental, friendly and unconditional community where we are free to learn at our own pace, attend chats and study circles and just 'be' while we travel our paths. I have found a place of sanctuary within the college and the most caring group of people I have ever encountered. I love my family here and I can't ever see a time now where I wouldn't be a part of the Sacred Mists.
~ Coppertree Rhiamon
For more than 20 years I have read anything and everything in the New Age category. I was raised Baptist, and just knew that a lot of the theology was misinterpreted, wrong and misleading. There was something inside of me that kept pushing me to find out why and to look deeper. I came across the books of Phyllis Curott around 2002 and was immediately drawn to them, and to Wicca, as if I'd found a mountain stream after a summer drought. Even so, I was afraid at first... then the tools started arriving out of the blue... the first one was a beautiful athame. I figured that the Universe was giving me a push. This push was what made me look for any formal training available. There is a large local pagan/witch group here, but I'm a teacher, and thought it might not be a good idea, since this group is often featured in the newspaper. Then I started searching online. I found a handful of Wiccan schools. After reading all the material of each thoroughly I decided to go with Sacred Mists. I've been here since December 2005 and have been very pleased with the information, the training, the pace, and the people. I feel as if I've come home. Sacred Mists is my spiritual family.
~ Cecilia Willowhawk
I’m an older lady (early sixties) and have known I was very different from others since very early childhood! My grandma was my support person and the only one who accepted me as I was and understood me. I had several problems while in school and this time in my life was extremely difficult for me! So, I simply slipped away from most everyone else and allowed my self to become who I was as an adult, and it didn’t bother me. I enjoyed my abilities and remained silent! I knew Witchcraft wasn’t an acceptable lifestyle in our social world and I wasn’t prepared to be persecuted for my beliefs and lifestyle! Years past, and I married ~ birthed, loved and raised four children. I had practiced my craft in all of those years by myself. I had, and still have, a great passion to learn more about my self ~ my path ~ my lifestyle ~ my beliefs and understand them. I purchased books and attempted to understand them alone. I did, I guess, in a sense, but what I desired was to have others to commune with and learn from who might be in a similar thought/mind set I was in... heart, soul, spirit and life. So, in 2006, I really became serious and began seeking. I looked in the yellow pages and didn’t find much or if I did contact a group they sounded a bit frightening! Ads in the paper, magazines and probably more. Then I thought to look on the internet. I went into many different locations ~ I could have never imagined there could possibly be so many selections. And after a four month search, we found each other ~ Sacred Mists! To have found Sacred Mists was truly my hearts desire, my spirit and souls need, and my place to commune with so many other wonderful, spirited, loving people who, in so many ways, were exactly like me. I no longer had to hide! I am able to be myself, ask questions, and the greatest of all, get answers! Since then, I’ve learned so many things. For example, places where I had gaps in my knowledge have now been answered and now I understand. It's just endless, the amount of knowledge there is to be introduced to! I have such a wonderful level of peace and love in my heart, with an understanding of humankind unlike any before in my life. I look forward each day to my studies.. thought provoking questions to continue my growth and understanding. My joy is now being part of this group to better understand myself and others and the freedom to practice my spiritual path with others. I’m no longer alone!
~ AliceMaryjane
Second Degree Dedicant of the Sacred Mists
Online schooling was never my thing. Having recently received my degree from a four year university, I was aching to take my HP degree classes in the same public manner. Unfortunately, location did not permit me that option so I sought online schools. Sacred Mists became my immediate choice because they were advocates of the Witch's Voice and that website is where I met my first pagans and started my path. The College of Sacred Mists is what you make of it. It can be a place where you earn your degrees and move on to better things or it can become a second home. I never thought it would be that for me. My attitude was business as usual until I started getting involved in the (Sacred Mists) community. Now, it's where I go when I've had a bad day and need to wrap myself in an intelligent discussion or read about the story of Demeter and Persephone. I don't think there's any other school that offers the easy access to information that Sacred Mists does. I recommend the college to anyone living somewhere that makes them feel like "the only pagan in a hundred mile radius" or to someone who "just needs to earn their degrees." The college is what you need it to be.
~ Ivy Willow

Sacred Mists has a warm and loving atmosphere. Everyone at the Sacred Mists is always here for you, like a family; and that's what we are. One big loving, happy, understanding family!
~ Midnyte
I have now been with Sacred Mists for over a year (as of this writing). I have learned so much since being with the school, not only about working with the craft but also about myself. I have become more confident and sure of myself as I have progressed forward with my studies. And have made so many close and dear friends, everyone is more than happy to come to the aid of a fellow student. We help each other out with encouragement and even a shoulder to cry on when that is needed. I am hoping to be a part of Sacred Mists College for many years to come.
~ MoonRose Nighingale
Kissimmee, Florida
Sacred Mists is great! The lessons are challenging and you learn a lot. The members of the Mists are wonderfully supportive, friendly, and helpful. I think of them as my online family. Participation compares favorably with off-line covens. Help in all aspects is at your fingertips. Sacred Mists is a great program. It really is structured like a college. We welcome you to join us. I have been VERY impressed with the program.
~ Midwife
Florida, USA
Joining Sacred Mists was the best thing I ever did! I was struggling to learn by myself for about two years when I found the school. Sacred Mists not only offers structure to your learning but also support and encouragement from everyone here. We are like one big family sharing triumphs, tears and laughter. Sacred Mists is a truly magickal place, full of wonderful people.
~ Bagpuss
I have been with Sacred Mists for going on over two years now (as of this writing), and it has become a vital part of my life. The dear friends I've made are not only supporting and loving and caring but also encouraging in me doing my absolute best in my studies and in being the absolute best person I can be on this never-ending story. I am a part of the Reiki and Herbalist courses as well as a regular Wiccan student and although it is challenging, I find the learning enjoyable and uplifting. I look forward to doing my lessons and love learning new things all the time. Not only do we have the regular coursework, there are additional extension classes available to all students to delve into and these challenging bits of valuable information give a further richness to our college. Even those of us that have been here for awhile still haven't been able to take advantage of all the amenities this wonderful college has to offer, but there is plenty of time and we will. I enjoy the online aspect in that it fits with my busy lifestyle and everyone is so understanding and supportive and loving. Lady Raven Moonshadow, our High Priestess, is always easily approachable with excellent tidbits of advice or to just say hello and loves us all dearly. She treats us all with the utmost respect and protects us like her own dear children. I do love her dearly. This is truly home to me.
~ Lunawaya Rainbowwolfe ~ Priestess of Sacred Mists
Georgia, USA
Sacred Mists is a wonderful place. It is not just for those who live in the US though, it is also for those who live in other countries but have been unable to find a coven locally that they feel drawn to. Sacred Mists will give you the support, encouragement and understanding that many of us seek when we first set foot on this path. It is truly a circle of like minded people existing within the Wiccan law of "Perfect love and perfect trust!" It is like finding yourself suddenly in the clearing of a dark dense forest and when you get there it is filled with people who think, live and believe as you do, inviting you in! As a UK based solitary witch, Sacred Mists gave me the support and structured learning I was searching for and allowed me to grow and develop within that. I've now been here over 2 years as of this writing, and hope to be here for many more. So step in, walk through that overgrowth and find the clearing! We can't wait to meet you!
~ Talania SilverDragon
Shropshire, England
I am currently a 2nd degree student of Sacred Mists and I have been a member almost two years (as of this writing). My experience here has been one of love, caring and understanding. Sacred Mists is my second home and sometimes I consider it my first. It is the place I come to when I feel down because I know that my brothers and sisters are there for me to support me every step of the way with anything that I need. I have grown so much since I joined Sacred Mists. I was shy and unsure about myself. But Sacred Mists has helped to find the confidence that has always been inside of me. I have opened up my heart and mind to wonderful experiences and each day I continue to grow and learn. Through Sacred Mists, my Leadership qualities have improved tremendously and I have learned the importance of leading through example. This truly is an amazing place!!! I love it!!!!
~ Aerim Moonstone
I came upon the Sacred Mists website quite by chance one day as I was idly browsing the internet. After a very long search for the path where I could feel my footprints truly belonged, it appeared as if by magick. I had just about given up, and had resigned myself to meandering forever on a fruitless search. Since joining the college, I have not only found lessons and opportunities for learning that have been very profound for me personally; but also a wonderful sense of community and support. Being here in the Mists has really changed my life.
~ Batiara Earthsong
Like many others, I stumbled upon the Sacred Mists website just about three years ago (as of the date of this writing), as I searched for a way to quench my thirst for knowledge of Wicca. Not only did I find in Sacred Mists a large body of knowledge that is diverse, informative, and easy for the beginner to understand, but I also found a family of like-minded people that I never thought to find or be welcomed by. The classes are informative, and are set up to continuously challenge the student as he or she moves through the lessons, to reach for more, to attempt more, to understand more, and to believe in oneself. The people are more wonderful than can be described, from Lady Raven, our Arch High Priestess, all the way through to the newest Dedicant. Everyone is interested in learning, interested in teaching others, interested in reaping the benefits of the many talents to be found here, and interested in offering their own talents (many of which have been discovered thanks to the curriculum of the College) to the benefit of others. Each of us has followed the example set by Lady Raven and the wonderful people who see to us all at Sacred Mists and opened our hearts and our hopes to our fellow students and teachers, and each of us has gained love, respect and acceptance in return. Yes, I found what I have been looking for at Sacred Mists, but I also found so very much more. I have accomplished more than I ever though possible, and am surrounded by perfect love and perfect trust.
~ Raushanna
Hackensack, New Jersey

There is only one coven where I live that I am aware of, and since I work a lot of shifts at work it was next to impossible to attend any meetings or rituals with them. One day, quite by accident, I found the Sacred Mists website and spent quite awhile reading and looking through the online store. I saw the link for training and clicked on it...I found what I was looking for! A school that is online, with online rituals...this place was for me! And here I sit today, working on my first degree. Sacred Mists has had a big, positive impact on my magickal and mundane life. I was very unsure of myself when performing any rituals on my own, and I feel my confidence has increased immeasurably since starting here. I love the online aspect to the College, we get to chat with people from all over our Mother Earth. My long term plans are to continue and to eventually work towards my third degree. I love the extension classes and have learned so much from them, there are so many to take and choose from, it's amazing! I would like to say a big "Thank you" to Lady Raven for starting this amazing place called Sacred Mists, you are truly a visionary and I feel so very blessed to be a member of this amazing online family!
~ Isobeail
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sacred Mists has become my second home filled with wonderful people from all over the world that are loving, compassionate and supportive. The Mists is truly a Magickal place were I have grown both spiritually and personally. I have learned so very much in my time here about the craft and about myself. Lady Raven Moonshadow is a truly beautiful person who provides the best classes, teachers, experiences and love. The Herbalist and Reiki Courses are awesome and I look forward to taking many more extension classes while I work on my studies within the College. If you have ever thought of studying Wicca online, you could not find a more well rounded and exemplary College! I made the choice to start here because I wanted to learn all I could in order to live this path, I stay because I can not imagine my life now without everyone and everything offered in Sacred Mists!
~ WiccanBlessingWolf ~ Priestess Of Sacred Mists
Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Two years ago I stumbled across the Sacred Mists. Through the studies of 1st degree and on into the 2nd Degree I have learned more about Wicca and myself than I ever did on my own. Here we have so much information to learn from and friends to learn with that the time spent here is enjoyable and never boring. From classes to Rituals, Sacred Mists has it all and at times that are reasonable for everyone here, including our Brothers and Sisters from around the world. The people I have met during this time are a big part of my life and I consider them family, from High Priestess Lady Raven Moonshadow, down through the Student Council and our new initiates. They always have a friendly word, a shoulder to lean on when needed, and encouragement when the world just seems to be bearing down on you. This is definitely the place for study and good friendships that will never be forgotten!
~ Shadowlaugher ~ Priest of Sacred Mists
Lehi, Utah
I, like so many others, stumbled across Sacred Mists in its first months of (online) existence, and I just instantly knew it was for me! I have been at Sacred Mists for almost 4 years and have just completed my second degree studies. The learning experience within the college is second to none, the personal development, spiritual growth and love among the students makes the entire school a target rich environment for learning. I have a family that I could not imagine my life without!
~ MoonDove ~ Sacred Mist Priestess
Third Degree Student
Lords Valley, Pennsylvania
As a Solitary Witch with over 10 years of practical experience, I have found Sacred Mists to be a school with exemplary performance. The training you get within this online coven is far beyond what one can attempt by oneself. The group as a whole is phenomenal and totally supportive. They are indeed a 'family' and one that is always there for support, guidance, or just an ear to vent to when things aren't going well. I'm currently a second degree student, and also enrolled in the Herbalist training. All of the classes are a wealth of information, including the extension classes, where people give of their own time to enrich other's skills and life experiences. There is nowhere you will turn where there is not someone waiting with a kind word, an answer to a question, or just a 'hello, how are you?' While the online rituals are different than what you would find with local (offline) covens, never think that you cannot feel the energy that is generated! They are indeed very powerful and moving rituals. All the students give of themselves freely, from the very new to the far advanced, and gladly share the knowledge they have accrued. This is a school that will define online covens for years to come.
~ Derby
Gainesville, FL
When I first entered the Mists, I was so overwhelmed by all the knowledge and information available to me! I was like a little kid in a candy store, I was all over the place, excited and grabbing as much as I could. Now that I'm approaching my year and a day, I realize how blessed I am to have found the Mists. It is every bit as fulfilling as a physical, in person coven, if not more. The people here are so nice and helpful. I am also a student of the Reiki community. I received my Master level attunement just recently and it was a powerful and moving experience. I definitely recommend the Sacred Reiki classes.
~ Silverstaar
Florence, SC
A special person in my life, purchased a Pagan based magazine, and while absorbing the articles and advertisements, Sacred Mists blared out at me from the pages. I had to investigate further, and so followed the bread crumbs (web address) and found what I've searched for since I devoted myself to the Goddess January 2003. Since I have arrived, I have found a place, where people can answer questions that a book might not be able to. Living in Small Town USA, I had found it very difficult to find others in the Craft. Since coming to Sacred Mists, I have found a pride in myself at my choice in walking the Wiccan Path. I no longer hide in my broom closet. I at first felt that the pay by money order option, was too good to be true. With a silent prayer, I sent my first money order, and I'm now working on my first degree. Coming to Sacred Mists, now ranks as the second best decision of my Wiccan life, the first choosing this life to begin with.
~ LavenderStarr
Spearman Texas
There is no comparison to the Sacred Mists College! The HUGE wealth of information here is absolutely mind boggling, from the on-line library to the extension classes given by very helpful and knowledgeable teachers. The community here is very close and the most welcoming and friendly people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. When I first joined, even after only one day of being here, I felt like a part of the family! There is so much to do in the school (lessons, extra classes, activities on the Sabbats, a book club, study halls, and chats) that you will never be unoccupied. I have learned more in six months here than years of independent study! There is so much here to help and guide you down your path, you will not be disappointed!
~ Sage Moonfire
Forestville, NY
Sacred Mists is an incredibly caring, helpful, educational, and fun place to be. I've been pagan all my life and raised my sons likewise but, being solitary due to geography, sought to expand and consolidate my knowledge. After having checked out other schools on the web and even tried a couple for awhile, Sacred Mists became obvious as by far the best choice and has continued to expand exponentially since then, even. The vast array of courses, extension courses, information available, student interchange, online rituals and celebrations, support, dialogue, the amazingly special people it attracts, and so much more, make it perfect for someone with a questing mind who also seeks a strong and caring community to be a part of. As a person who encountered the internet later in life, I found it incredible what a community we've been able to build over it and the immense energy that we can raise in online rituals, for example, in addition to the intellectual satisfaction and social aspects. I'm near the end of my 2nd degree here and will very happily stay with Sacred Mists for any further study I undertake.
~ Miki SidheWolf ~ Priestess of the Sacred Mists
Southern Israel
I came to the Sacred Mists in May of 2005. I have never, in all my years of researching, found a place that is more welcoming and filled with knowledge. The lessons are not only stimulating, but fill you will a sense of purpose. I have found that all are welcome here, no matter what your level of learning. If you are just starting out or someone with years of experience, the Sacred Mists is a place for all to share and to grow. Everyone involved is loving, caring and filled with joy. From the moments you enter the Halls of the Mists, you are part of a community that embraces you and makes you feel as if you have been here all along. I know that my knowledge of the Craft has grown beyond measure in the last year and will continue to grow as I stay on my journey here with my Brothers and Sisters. I plan to stay for many, many years to come. I can't think of any reason to look any further for my degrees then here in the Mists.
~ Aurora Moongazer
Buffalo, New York
I came to Sacred Mists through my sister who found the site while looking for information for her daughter. I had been looking for a new spiritual path for about three years, and still, it took me six months before I actually joined Sacred Mists. This has been the most incredible experience ever -- there is so much to learn, so much love, acceptance, humor and sharing. I have found a community that believes and feels the same things I feel - for each other, for the Goddess, and for our planet. I love the extension classes, the wealth of information that is available on the boards, and it is convenient because it is online. The classes are thoughtful, and well structured. I now walk my path with peace and joy, hand in hand with my brothers and sisters here at Sacred Mists.
~ Starwind
Farmington Hills, Michigan
In my years with Sacred Mists I have learned more than I could have anticipated. The coursework is well-planned and always interesting. Although I have been deeply challenged, I have also been completely supported by this community, its leadership, and our High Priestess, Lady Raven Moonshadow. My spirituality has blossomed and I find joy here daily, as I walk the lovely pathways of Sacred Mists, my spiritual home.
~ Summer Starr
Center Barnstead, NH
I arrived at Sacred Mists a year and a day ago following a diagnosis of a disease and a grueling two-week hospital stay. I found myself housebound where I had once had a vitally tactile social and spiritual life. I went searching around online to locate some source of support for my Wiccan self and found the Mists. I kept returning to the site and felt certain it was the place I needed to be. Since this time, it has not only provided an incredible source of wonderful support with some truly amazing men and women, but has been a wonderful centering point for (physical) healing and my own spiritual development. I never thought online rituals could be so powerful! My deepest regards to Lady Raven for her vision and to all the students from around the world that make the Mists a place of perfect love and trust!
~ Anowara Ehnita
New Jersey
After practicing Solitary Witchcraft for a little over 30 years, I felt the need for more training. I found an online website and began my training. I was not allowed to contact any other students. There were no chat sessions. There was no contact with anyone but my teacher. After about 6 months of this type of training, I began to feel very isolated and alone. I meditated to the Goddess about what I should do, and she led me to Sacred Mists and to Lady Raven Moonshadow. WOW! What a difference! Lady Raven told me about all of the other students I would be taking classes with, and she actually encouraged me to chat and contact other students! And there were Extension Classes in Tarot, and Healing, and Divination, and Chakras, and many, many other areas. AND there were online Rituals: Sabbats and Esbats and Healing Rituals and many other activities. This was all in addition to the incredible lessons which qualified one for a degree! I could hardly wait to get involved! That was almost two years ago. I am now working on my 2nd Degree in Sacred Mists. In addition to the wonderful classes and support from everyone, another thing is the amazing leadership of Lady Raven, the Student Council, the teachers and staff. I plan to stay in Sacred Mists for a long, long time, the Goddess willing. You simply will not find a more incredible place of learning anywhere!
~ Calaban Taliesin ~ Priest of Sacred Mists
Enid, Oklahoma
I find that Sacred Mists College is very extensive and informative, and best of all there is great support and interaction between students and staff. Always supportive in all phases of the school training. Thank you Sacred Mists for your website and support. Blessed Be. Also thanks to all the students for sharing and their support.
~ Edward
When I was looking for a Wiccan training program, I looked at many other websites and found Sacred Mists to have the most comprehensive learning program that would fill the gaps in my own knowledge. After only a couple days in the Mists I knew I had made the right decision. The people within the Mists are kind and generous with their time and Lady Raven is a leader by example as well as through the rigors of the coven. I have never felt so complete or totally accepted until I came here. I am not afraid to walk my path and I feel that the education I am getting is well worth the money and more importantly, the time I invest in it. The extension classes have provided a wealth of information and I will definitely continue for my Second Degree. I feel truly blessed to be a member of Lady Raven's Sacred Mists.
~ Celina
Joplin, MO
Finding Lady Raven and Sacred Mists was like coming home after a long hard journey. The Sacred Mists has become my family and is a loving and supportive community free of judgment and negativity. I am regularly impressed and amazed at the integrity, loyalty and vast wisdom expressed by our Lady and her Student Council as well as the resources provided by the student body. Every resource for Witchcraft (and Wicca) imaginable is at our fingertips. If I had not experienced it, I would never have believed how powerful an online ritual could be. I have come to prefer our online rituals to any other. My life is richer, more complete. I am a better person. My children, my garden, my health, my spirituality all benefit from my experiences here. I cannot thank (Sacred Mists) enough for the hard work, endless hours and heartaches (you all) endure to keep us within the safe haven of the Mists and I cannot seem to thank the Goddess enough for (all of you). You have saved me.
~ Devan
Atlanta, GA
You know, I don't even remember how I found The Mists. I think The Goddess saw me struggling with life in general and led me here. I quit at one time for a week and my life was once more a mess. I have met and love more people here than face to face. They are honest, loving, supportive and always here if they are needed. I personally love it just the way it is. I have gotten more out of the time I've been here than I ever did as a solitary witch. Goddess Bless The Sacred Mists.
~Tara, aka, Diana
Sour Lake, Texas

Sacred Mists is a wonderful part of my life. It is a hugely supportive community, and I've learned so much! As a working mother of five, I've especially appreciated the fact that I can go through the lessons at my own pace - it lets me take the time to really work through the material and apply it - i.e. it's so much more than going through homework exercises! And, I'm finally able to participate in ritual with others who share my beliefs. No matter where you are on your path, I think Sacred Mists is a great place to be.
~ Maeb Night

I am crazy about Sacred Mists. This is no doubt a community of LOVE and CARE. There is no place which I rather be than at Sacred Mists School! There is much information here which can be collected and used. The teachers at Sacred Mists are amazing and outstandingly knowledgeable. The mentor who was assigned to help me through the beginning is a dear person and I call her my friend already. I truly believe in learning and that life is a process of forever learning. This is the place where learning is made enjoyable. If there are any unanswered questions in someone's mind here are the answers. Ask and you shall receive. I really love this community like I did no other and will be faithful forever.
~ Dobermanmoon

Many years ago, I discovered my beliefs had a name: Wicca. I was so excited to finally have found what to call it! Then I began to study through books. I was learning, but I felt I needed guidance as well, so I began looking online. I found a few "Wiccan Schools" but ,you did not receive feedback, nor was there anyone to contact with questions regarding the content of the material. Then in June 2004, I discovered the College of the Sacred Mists. WOW, what a difference! Interactive classes, amazing lessons, extension classes, wonderful supportive students from around the world, and last but not least, Lady Raven Moonshadow. I am Blessed to be a part of a community that not only teaches me, but values my thoughts and opinions as well. In finding The Sacred Mists, I not only found a school, I also found a spiritual home.
~ Isleen
Rochester, NY USA

I have been studying the craft through books and the internet for about 4 years now, but it was only when I came to the Sacred Mists that things began to make sense. Although at first I was a bit shy about interacting with other students, (being a mature one and not really too au fait with chat rooms and the like) I found that with the aid of my wonderful mentor, Cera, I soon became used to it. I have had private chats with a couple of people that I have met through the college, and I have to say they were warm and caring and a pleasure to have discussions with. Although I still have many unanswered questions and a few things I have difficulty getting my head around, I am confident that with the help of all in Sacred Mists, I will find the true path.
~ Golden Phoenix Storm
Basingstoke, Hampshire
England, UK

My path took me to the Sacred Mists doors in October of 2002. Since then I've never have any regrets and I warmly recommend this school to any person who truly wishes to study the Craft. I've seen this school expanding and I believe that it is the best Wiccan school online where one can be exposed to numerous learning opportunities. These are challenging, but if you are serious in your study what you will get from it is bountiful. The interaction with the rest of the community is also limitless from online rituals to classes, chatting, postings, you can always be in touch with people who are a true family. A "Big Thank You" to our High Priestess Lady Raven Moonshadow and to the rest of my fellow students for having created such a unique and strong haven.
~ Melusine 
Denton, TX
I am a First Degree Priestess, Second Degree student within Sacred Mists. I have studied, bonded with the Sacred Mists family, laughed, cried and celebrated with all, and in doing so discovered my Sacred Self. Every breath I inhale is a gift, infused with the love and knowledge of The All, and every breath I exhale I return in kind. Always the circle-ever connected!
~ Desert Mist
First Degree Priestess
Reiki Master
I came across the Sacred Mists website looking for schools online. I was looking for a strong family environment. I have been fighting for many years with my spiritual path and wanted to connect. The school gave me a lot more than I expected. I now learned a lot more and I found my spiritual path. During my search here I became more spiritual, confident, positive, and filled with loving light. I have so many new friends and I really feel this is my family. There is so much to do in the Sacred Mist. You have a huge choice to follow, also many free classes. I already study Aromatherapy, Tarot, Pendulum, and Empathy. I am also now in the Second Degree. When I am done I will take a few more classes such as the Herbalist Training Course. I know for sure that the Sacred Mist school is the best online... I have been in many. You just can't compare!! At the Sacred Mist they have a better forum, classes, community, you get closer with the family here. What I like the most about the Sacred mist is that you can also become involved with the school and help new students out. They don't close the door on you here when it comes to learning. I also love that they have online rituals so that you learn the right etiquette on doing them. I have learned so much in the time I have been here than the 12 years I had been studing everywhere else before joining. I just wanted to put my two cents in... When I first started the school, I felt like a poor person but now that I have been here I am rich beyond my dreams with knowledge.
~ Whitesky
Katherine Hartlef
Coming from a non-religious background, I found here a School where we all can learn and grow in whatever direction we need to learn the lessons we came here (to this planet we are on) to learn. On my part, I can only refer to how Sacred Mists has become a daily reality, and the interaction I can have opens me to a much wider view of others that, like myself, are learning and here, in this moment of Time and Space. It's really ALL that human learning should be and, unfortunately, it's yet so far away from the daily reality of so many. Namaste.
~ Lord Tedric
aka António José Gomes
Lisboa, Portugal
I found the Sacred Mists one day while trying to find a good place for candles. I have been reading on this life path for the past year and even did some workings on my own. I wasn't real sure if I was ready till I talked to Lady Raven on the phone about an item I had ordered. I could just tell from talking to her how wonderful this school was going to be. Once I joined the first degree program I felt the love from everyone and that I finally found where I belonged spiritually. The extension classes are great. I'm learning about empathy and shielding things I wish I would of known how to do or control years ago. For anyone looking for the right place or family to be with, the Sacred Mists is the right place for you.
~ Warmth of the Dragon's Flames
Winder, GA
When I started my search for a coven I was determined to find one that had a structured, comprehensive, and open approach to Wicca so my foundation in the craft would be solid. Thankfully I stumbled across Sacred Mists. That was in 2004, and I am still happily studying with the Mists today. I would recommend this college to all seekers on the path as a unique centre of wisdom, support and knowledge. Many thanks to Lady Raven, the team and the students for creating and growing such a gem and making it available to others.
~ Obsidian Wing
Manly, NSW
I too, like many before me, discovered Sacred Mists by accident. Are you feeling like a square peg in round holes? I have always felt that way regarding my spirituality and belief system. It was not like mainstream America and different from what I was raised in. I discovered the Craft and Wicca during this journey and knew it was for me. So while looking up info on the internet and doing a little shopping, I discovered Sacred Mists. It is everything I need and more. It is comforting to know you are not alone, in any aspect of your life. You have it all here. Support, questions, answers, studying, Rituals, and the most important aspect of it for me is the love and acceptance of everyone. I have just started my First Degree study and am loving every minute of it. Hopefully this helps in making that important decision in your life. Welcome one and all.
~ Aurelia359
Tuscon, AZ
I have been a follower of Earth Based Spirituality for quite sometime and I am a solitary practitioner of the ways of Mother Earth Spirituality. I “stumbled” upon the Sacred Mists and have found a place where a person can learn and study at their own pace and follow the path that they feel comfortable with, while adding the Sacred Mists teaching traditions to your path. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to join after you’ve finished your first year and become a priest or priestess? The Sacred Mists is a valuable benefit in my life. The training programs are very well structured and if one applies themselves to the lessons and incorporates the materials into their life; change will happen. I am almost finished with my 1st year and am also enrolled in the Herbal course that is offered through the Sacred Mists. Along with the fine college curriculum, you will also find a group of people that are there to support, love and guide you each step of the way. This is truly a caring group of people!
~ Kagaceta
(One of the Men of the Mists)
Pennsylvania, USA
This is how I see my journey with Sacred Mists. Imagine that you see a door, a big solid Oak door, and on the door it says in gold, lovely letters, Sacred Mists. Know that once you push open the door, and walk through, your life will be filled with Light and Love and Joy. That is how it is to get an education in the Mists Many of those who seek the Journey of the Wise come here as if guided. We all came seeking to know more, letting ourselves want more. There is an abundance of information available to a Sacred Mists Student. Some of the things you can learn about are History, Myths, Elementals, Stones, Fae, Rituals, Healing, Reiki, Yoga, Tarot. Classes and information are at your fingertips. There are daily posts, some of them are on current news and what is happening in the world, others are filled with information and others are just fun. Students and Staff alike are more than willing to help you with your studies of the Craft and to share their knowledge. Lady Raven Moonshadow and her Staff have created a safe and loving place for you to learn and to become a Wiccan Priestess or Priest. You will learn strength, self love, honor and you will become brave. Join us and find the adventure of a lifetime. Brightest Blessings!
~ Storm ~ Priestess Of Sacred Mists
2nd Degree Student
Kokomo, Indiana
After wandering aimlessly through life, looking for that piece of me that was missing, I decided to do some research on Wicca. I had been interested in it for some time, but had never known anyone who knew anything about it. So at time I had decided to do the research, I was invited to join my high school reunion committee. While we were discussing our plans for our reunion, I was talking to one of my old classmates and I told him I was looking into Wicca, he told me I needed to speak with his wife; she was a High Priestess in her own coven. Well, things took off from there. She invited me to a ritual. I went and had never felt anything so overwhelmingly spiritual in my life. She asked me if I would like to join in her classes, but they wouldn’t start in a year. The next day while I was on the computer I saw The Sacred Mists pop up. I knew it was a sign and I asked the Lady Raven if I could join. That was four years ago. As I speak I get goose bumps. I started down this path an angry, bitter person. I had much resentment for many people in my past, I believed in paybacks. But now I truly believe in doing no harm to others, including yourself. I see the world in a much clearer picture. Although a shy student at first, my mentor Shauni helped bring me out of the closet and I’ve jumped right into the chat rooms, I’m part of many board including the Dream Singers, Health & Healing, Body & Bath, Mythology, Candle Magick, Merry Meet'ers, Helping Hands, and I have received my certificate in Herbology, Reiki I & II, and working on my Master Reiki and I’m a 1st Degree Priestess, working on my 2nd Degree. I’ve made many wonderful friends and can’t not even imagine where I would be today without them. They have helped me through some bad times and celebrated the good times with me. The Sacred Mists has made me realize that I am someone special, that I am a person to be celebrated and I try to do that everyday now. Here at the Sacred Mists, your dreams can become reality.
~ Dolphin Spirit
Sharon Chasteen
San Diego, CA
I have been with Sacred Mists since July 2006 and I feel like I have found my second home. I had tried other online schools before and had looked at Sacred Mists several times and kept passing it over. After being disillusioned with the other ones, I finally decided to give the Mists a shot and I have never been happier. From the lesson and homework setup to everyone here, I have never experienced a more professional or loving atmosphere. They really care about you as a person, not just the money. I know I plan on being a part of the Mists for many, many years.
~ Luna WolfShadow
First Degree
Vernon, FL
Being a member of Sacred Mists has changed my life. I was struggling for over 5 years with trying to find in-depth information and teaching of Wicca. I stumbled across this school while trying to look up information and let me tell you, was it ever a gift! Lady Raven and the rest of the community are so wonderful, kind, and have lots of love and knowledge to share. When I first joined I was indeed iffy on whether it was worth joining and I think it was way worth it! You get so much from this school, you learn a lot...there is so much material it's overwhelming at first. You partake in online rituals, workshops, seminars, chat rooms and  different clubs. The Community boards are so informative and fun to participate in! If you are searching for a family that shares the same Devotion and Fun of Wicca and Spirituality, then this is defiantly the place where you should be! It has changed my life. I am a reborn Spirit and I could never be happier. Therefore I plan to stay here within The Mists for many years to come. Many Bright Blessings on your Path!
~ Jadey Moonsong
First Degree
Nova Scotia, Canada
I recently celebrated my Year and a Day anniversary - a time of reflection. I cannot believe how much I've learned, but more importantly, how much I've grown in this time. I am more focused, more directed, and love myself far more than I ever thought possible. I have connected with other students from around the world and I have connected to the Divine. I am nearing completion of my First Degree and cannot wait to begin each new lesson! I have never felt more immediately loved than I did the day I joined Sacred Mists! My mentor was ready and willing to show me the way and the other students welcomed me with open arms! Time and again I have heard students (new and old) say that this is their home - Lady Raven and all of us create a place of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, a family. This is the most special community that I have ever had the honor to be a part of. I can't wait to share the Mists with you!
~ Thoxe Blue Lotus
New Jersey
I have been a student here at Sacred Mists and I can honestly say that it is the best thing that has happened to me. This place has become my home and my family, there are so many wonderful people here, not the least of them being Lady Raven our High Priestess. My confidence has risen to untold heights and I am doing things that I would never have even considered before, like writing this for instance. So if you are searching for a spiritual home, give Sacred Mists a try. I don't think you will regret it I certainly don't.
~ Pangur-ban
Weymouth, England
United Kingdom
I have been with Sacred Mists for a very long time now and have never felt more positive or sure about anything or any place than I do about the college and the people in it. Lady Raven has put together one of the most complete schools and resource libraries I have ever found. I was searching for someplace to help me further my studies when I came across Sacred Mists. The more I checked it out the more I knew this was the place for me. I wasn't wrong....it is all that and so much more. The halls are filled with the most caring people. Lady Raven is warm and available anytime she is needed, and the lessons are fantastic. Not easy, but they shouldn't be to learn what is needed. I came here in search of a spirituality I was missing and found not only that but a very positive outlook and a much healthier way of living and dealing with outside issues and inside ones as well. I've gained a family, friends, and a new confidence in my skills and practices. If you are looking for the Best Wiccan college...You will find it here at Sacred Mists.
~ Fae_Ariadne
2nd Degree
Ohio, USA
I’ve been with Sacred Mists since 2004. I’ve been to other online schools, but none had to offer what I was looking for. A few of the things that I was looking for were: Sharing my beliefs, to give me different views to look at, I needed to be challenged. But most of all, I needed a school that would give me all the time I needed to get my lessons done. I’m a busy mother with a full time job. And let’s face it, we all get busy with family etc. and don’t have time for certain other things that we would like to! And that’s something Sacred Mists understands completely! In fact, they want you to take your time... they want to make sure you understand your studies and if you don’t understand and need help, someone is always here *to* help. With their online Book of Shadows, there is much information at your fingertips. In the two years that I’ve been here, I’ve never once regretted becoming a member…and you won’t either. Brightest Blessings!
~ MysticsBabyBlue
2nd Degree
I came to Sacred Mists in 2005, and have never looked back. I have found, even as a Craft practitioner for almost ten years, that the lessons are refreshing, challenging, and interesting. The best feeling, however, is the feeling that I've finally found my spiritual home and community. The people here are warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help. I encourage anyone who wants a quality Wiccan training program and a close-knit spiritual community to join us at Sacred Mists!
~ Morgaine Inanna
Second Degee
Winnipeg, MB
Once upon a time I was in a very dark place in my life. I had been studying Wicca for many years but it was hard to get it all together. My sister found Sacred Mists and told me about it. Well, from that day forward my life changed. I knew right away that I was joining the right college and this is like a big family here. Everyone is so kind and lovable. I have learned so much since I've joined. I tell everyone I can about the Sacred Mists and how it changes your life completely. I have found my Spirit here and so much more. There is so much to learn and this site is packed full of information so you can really spend hours and hours just reading. This is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!!!
~Sacred Crow
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
I have been with Sacred Mists since May of 2005 and have enjoyed every moment. This is not only a place of learning and growing, it is a community of caring and understanding. Everyone here is so warm and welcoming from the moment you enter the Halls of the Mists. You are not just a student here, you are part of a magickal family. A community of people from all walks of life, all ages, all cultural backgrounds. No matter what level of learning you are at currently, you are made to feel as if you have been here all your life. This is home for everyone that is a part of the Sacred Mists. Our High Priestess, Lady Raven Moonshadow is incredible. She is there for everyone, not only in a time of need, but she is there as a part of our family. You will see from her commitment to our college, to our school and public shop, and to all that are in the Halls of the Mists that she loves everyone and everything she touches. Every one of our Brothers and Sisters are so willing to help you along the way. I knew the moment I became a student here, that my search was over. This place is not only a family, but to me, it is home. Many Blessings and light.
~ Aurora Moongazer )0(
Second Degree Dedicant
Amherst, NY
I have been a Witch since age 12 (many many moons ago) but have never really understood what that meant and have found that a living breathing and willing teacher is hard, if not impossible, to find. I then stumbled across (or did the Goddess lead me here) Sacred Mists School and knew this was the one for me. I have been here a little over a year and am about to finish first degree. I started shortly after the devastation of Katrina here on the gulf coast, and I have found comfort. I find the structure is just what I need. The price is very fair considering the wealth of information received and there is always someone to ask for guidance or to share the triumphs of passing each class. I just love it here and plan to stay.
~ Ryver Willow
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
I was raised Christian and never felt comfortable with their teachings. So much seemed to be missing. I investigated several other religions over the years and didn't really feel comfortable with them either. I felt like a "misfit" for many, many years. I started to study Wicca and felt like I had "returned home." I then stumbled across the Sacred Mists College. Immediately I felt as though this is where I need to be, as though being led here. Since joining the College, I have learned so much about the world, but also about myself. I have so much more to learn, but know I'm in the right place. I am grateful to the Lord and Lady for their direction and for leading me to this wonderful place. Light and love to you!
~ Sherry
Briana Sasra Sidhe-Wolf
North Carolina
I had been interested in Wicca for several years, but had never really done anything about it. I didn't know how to contact a coven in my area and in desperation searched for online covens. Sacred Mists was one of the first to pop up and the tuition fees seemed reasonable so I signed up. It's only been a few months but I have learned so much. The lessons are fantastic but what makes this place so amazing is the community atmosphere where everyone is happy to help out with advice and energy whenever you have a problem. Through the support I have received here my faith has been grounded and is now a real part of my life. I have begun incorporating meditation into my daily life and feel so much better for it. I have started losing weight, met my spirit guides who have taught me so much, and found an inner strength in myself which I didn't know was there. I would recommend this place to anyone.
~ Crystal Gypsy
United Kingdom

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