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Distance Healing Appointment

Sacred Mists now provides Sacred Reiki distance healings to both our current students and those external to our College training programs, by appointment only. Our healings are offered in a caring, pagan-focused environment by skilled and trained Reiki healers, attuned at least to Level II Sacred Reiki.

Our Sacred Reiki healing appointment guidelines are as follows:

  • By appointment only
  • Are performed via distance by trained and certified Sacred Reiki healing practitioner
  • Each session spans approximately 2 hours
  • Will implement auric scanning and cleansing work, if needed and/or requested
  • All information gathered about your situation or condition for which the healing is being performed will be held in the strictest of confidence
  • Will require a moderate honorarium for sessions, in advance (sliding fee scale available, based on need)
  • Can be scheduled one-time or as regular sessions, according to your specific needs and requests
  • Can be accommodated as frequently as desired
Standard Honorarium for Sacred Reiki Distance Healing Services:
  • $50.00 per two-hour distance healing session
  • Sliding scale honorarium available, based on need and availability.
  • Additional auric scanning and healing services available

Please fill out the following form completely. 

Student ID (if you have one):
Full Name:
Email Address:
Preferred Time/Days:
Please provide a brief description of your condition for which you are seeking healing:
Would you like auric scanning/cleansing to be part of your session? (Yes/No/No Preference)
How would you prefer to submit your honorarium for your Sacred Reiki healing service? (PayPal, Credit Card or Money Order)
Would you consider your healing request urgent? (Yes/No)

Please note that Sacred Mists Sacred Reiki distance healings are not provided to replace a physicians care but to support your holistic health. Sacred Mists is a fully licensed Reiki healing facility and is recognized by the International Association of Reiki Professionals to perform Reiki training and healing services. All healing services are performed by certified Sacred Reiki healers and practitioners. Sacred Reiki healing services are not to be utilized in place of medical treatment where necessary. Should your condition require the support and services of a licensed medical doctor, we encourage you to seek treatment in tandem with Sacred Reiki healing. We will gladly work with your physicians or other holistic healers upon request to provide you with a well-rounded overall health and well-being regime for your specific situation and need.

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