Merry Meet to one and all!

I want to share with you some exciting news that will be amazing for every student of Sacred Mists. We have been hard at work over the past many months developing an all-new website and community experience. Our new site will be easy to use, navigate, and will provide us all with fabulous new ways to connect and interact with each other. In many ways, those of you who use Facebook will feel right at home! Those of you unfamiliar will find it easy to jump right in and make your own mark within the community far more than you ever have before.

Sneak Peek:

We are now at the stage where we need to move our course curriculum in order to continue development on the new server. Because our new server isn't compatible with our current online lessons platform, in the interim, we need to change the way we provide lessons to you and how you return your work to us for review. Rest assured, we are making sure that the impact will be minimal on you and that your graders have been provided with all of the tools necessary to help you along the way.

Beginning tomorrow, lessons will be provided in PDF format via email to each of you along with homework and deity focus Word worksheets. If you don't have Word, don't worry! It should open for you either in Text, WordPad or in Apple Pages. Online access to the lessons area will no longer be available; however, the community will continue as it always has and in the same online location. Of course, if you have any trouble, please don't hesitate to contact your grader or Student Services. We're all here to help.

You will be receiving a copy of your current lesson as well as the homework and deity focus forms for you to return to your grader via email once you have completed your work. Your grader will review your work and reply to your email with feedback and attach your next lesson and homework documents for you to begin working on. It's that simple!

We will continue our work on the new website with amazing lessons and community, and we'll continue to update as we go along. Thank you so much for your patience and flexibility while we create something genuinely magickal for you. We're very excited and hope you are, too!

Many blessings,

- Lady Lorien & Lady Lilyth