A Sacred Mists' Community Outreach Program

As we planted and harvested our seasonal gardens over the past year, Sacred Mists' had a thought of something that many of us could do, even on a small scale, for others in our world. Because we feel so strongly about the importance of this year-round program, we decided bring the idea to the entire Pagan community. One that we can all experience and participate in together, no matter where we are, what tradition we belong to, where we learn, or what path we follow.

The important questions to first ask yourself are:

Are you planting a seasonal garden? Do you have a desire to plant fruits or vegetables in your garden? Are you wanting to watch a mass of zucchini trail across your yard, or set a trellis up and watch green beans appear from its tender vines? Watch as asparagus and carrot tops peek up from the earth, or see winter squash turning a beautiful amber-orange from amidst a tangle of wide, variegated green leaves? Or are you limited on space, so you plant something in a container for your own personal or family consumption? What Sacred Mists is doing is taking all of that one step further!

This year we are hoping that you who are reading will join us in seeking out a local Food Bank in your city. Most areas have one, and you can usually find the contact for it by calling your Health and Human Services Department, which can be found in your phone book under government agencies. If your area does not have one, you may find a local Salvation Army Office, Soup Kitchen, or Welfare Office that can guide you. Speak to someone at one or more of those locations and ask how you go about donating your homegrown vegetables to help feel the needy. Determine their guidelines and then set out on our collective Pagan Gifting Gardens mission.

If you're planning on planting even one vegetable for yourself or your family, we are encouraging you to find room somehow and plant two. One for you, one for those in need. Tend to your Gifting Garden planting exactly as if it were feeding you and your family. Nurture it, send into it strength, abundance, care, love, and hope. When it bears fruit, collect it and then drop it off to the place you've arranged to grow the food for and continue to do this throughout the growing season.

If you have room for more than a single plant, please do plant more! The more you can grow and share, the more you are aiding families in need with the simple act of your time, a bit of your space and water, and some of your love, your care, and your spirituality.

As we go through this process, we welcome you to share your experiences with Sacred Mists! If you're not a student, you are welcome to send updates about your progress and participation via our contact form here on our website. We welcome you to share in the experiences of what you'll be planting, exploring the infusion of magick and abundance you send into the soil, share in the growth of not only the plantings you will be nurturing, but in your own personal growth as you tend your garden not only for yourself and your family, but for families that you may never know. You can also share with us where you'll be working with, perhaps we can pass along your Food Bank, or donation location information to others who are needing assistance to find a place to participate with. You will be amazed at the spiritual growth you will have as you participate in this program and we look forward to sharing in the experience with you!

We encourage you to share this page with others as well. Your groups, your covens, your circles, your friends. The more that participate, the more of an impact we can have through our summer harvests in aiding the hungry with healthful, homegrown, and pagan nurtured food.

All of us at Sacred Mists are looking forward to sharing this year-round experience with you all. For you, this summer may be your first time participating as a Pagan Gifting Garden. We hope that you enjoy the experience as much as we do and will join us in sharing a slice of your personal space and planting a gifting garden that bears vegetables, herbs, and fruits to share with those in need all year long!

Blessed be your Pagan Gifting Garden harvests ... may they be bountiful, year after year!

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