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About Sacred Mists College

The Sacred Mists Tradition is based on Celtic Traditional and Faerie Wicca, with the College teaching a broad introduction to other Wiccan Traditions with an Eclectic flair. As Witches, we recognize duality and polarity and therefore are not completely Goddess-centric, but do include the God in all things. Witchcraft and the Wiccan religion is a part of our lives, and with the openness of our Wiccan Degree program we provide you the structured learning you need with the flexibility of allowing you to integrate the teachings in whatever way feels right for your life.

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At Sacred Mists we believe that education shouldn't come at an unreasonable cost. So many other colleges out there will charge you large fees simply to share their knowledge, with very little to NO community interaction. While we understand that tuition is reasonable, as there are costs and significant amounts of time associated with running a College of this size and quality, we don't agree with programs that are prohibitively priced and only provide mediocre information and interaction (if any) at best.

This is the whole motivation behind our online courses. By putting our information online and offering classes this way, we are able to provide an ENORMOUS amount of information while bestowing your formal degrees for a small monthly tuition fee. This tuition is a necessary requirement due to the the tremendous amount of work that is associated with maintaining each individual student. We feel good knowing that we are doing this for the Pagan community, and are confident that our students feel the same way.

When you enroll for The College of the Sacred Mists Online Wiccan Degree Program you will gain access to a world of information and community you've never had access to before, including: 

  • Access to our comprehensive Online Wiccan Degree Training for the course you have enrolled in, which will lead you toward Ordination as a Wiccan High Priest or Priestess
  • Access to our large and wonderful online Wiccan College Student Community (a very busy and interactive message board mailing list and a place that we consider our extended family and spiritual home)
  • Access to our ever-growing online Book of Shadows
  • A beautiful custom Certificate of Degree Attainment, e-mailed to you upon completion of each Degree, from The College of the Sacred Mists which is the teaching extension of the Coven of the Sacred Mists. This gorgeous certificate can be easily printed out on heavy parchment and is suitable for framing
  • Homework and Final Exam grading, and personal assistance with lessons and learning to aid your knowledge base and experience
  • Online Rituals, Degree Initiations, Study Halls and an array of fun get-togethers that take place in our community chat rooms (click here to view our monthly online activity and event calendar to catch a glimpse at just how active we are within The Mists!)
  •  Access to our interactive and in-depth extension classes. These are ongoing and inclusive of your tuitions! These classes include subjects such as Tarot, Potion Craft, Candle Making and Magick, Kitchen Witchcraft, Healthy Witches, Scrying, Pendulum Use, Runes, Palmistry, Reiki, Ogham, Astrology, Numerology and many others
  • Special "Student Only" pricing on selected Sacred Mists Shoppe items
  • ... and MUCH more!

We do require an enrollment fee of $25.00 and a low monthly tuition of $20.00 to cover the costs associated with the of training each student as well as providing you access to all of the wonderful offerings provided by our School. We invest SO much into this college, physically, mentally, financially and spiritually...and we need to be assured that those we allow to take our courses are doing so out of a serious desire to learn, as you can be assured that we spend our lives guiding your learning in the Craft.


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