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Wiccan Degree Training Courses

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Additional Sacred Mists Training Programs

The programs listed below are advanced and/or focused offerings within Sacred Mists Wiccan College. They have been, and are being, developed to provide those interested in expanding and enhancing their experience and knowledge of the Craft in an educationally intensive environment. The vast majority of the topics below are also covered within our Wiccan Training Program, however we recognize that there is always room for more intensive study. In recognition of this, we have developed this extensive list of  additional training courses to aid those who yearn for additional and advanced training in specific areas of the Pagan path, the spirituality of Wicca and Shamanism and the art and practice of Witchcraft. These courses are external to our Wiccan Degree Training program and associated extension courses which are inclusive of tuition. Online enrollment forms and additional details for many of the offerings below is coming soon.

Sacred Mists Pagan and Wiccan Parenting Training and Home Schooling Support Programs


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