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Our Training Will Lead You to Ordination as a
Wiccan High Priest or Priestess.

What is wonderfully unique about The College of The Sacred Mists is that it allows you to set the pace of your learning experience and provides you with an affordable way to grow within a structured Wiccan learning environment. You will be challenged and we invite those who welcome this challenge to our Wiccan College. We take your education very seriously, and in turn you should be serious about your education and training in the Path of Wicca before considering enrollment and training with The College of the Sacred Mists.

Within our College walls there is an enormous amount of Community Interaction through the use of chat rooms and message boards, further enabling you to increase your knowledge and learning as well as providing you the ability to network with other like-minded individuals in a safe and supportive environment.

We have Degree-specific Study Halls to discuss challenging lessons and work through homework together, Online Rituals celebrating the Sabbats, Esbats, Healing and Self-Empowerment, and a friendly and open atmosphere. We also hold Online Wiccan Degree Initiations marking the stages of your training as you move through the College*. While not a requirement, we have found that many of our Students find it wonderful to be in a group learning environment that they can consider a Coven home. We are all VERY proud of our College, and I for one know that it is the Students that make it what it is. If you are reading this, I am willing to bet that you would make a wonderful addition to our College Community and do hope that after reading you will decide to join us as a Wiccan College Student and member of Sacred Mists.

The College of the Sacred Mists also offers a comprehensive HERBALIST COURSE, that provides the Sacred Mists Student with a solid learning program for practical Herbalism. Upon completion, you will be able to confidently use these wonders of Nature toward your personal workings with Healing, Health and Magick. We also offer Sacred Reiki Training in the Usui Reiki Tradition. Please visit our SACRED REIKI TRAINING PAGE for more information.

Sacred Mists strives to provide a comprehensive selection of training programs and as such offers many other courses and training opportunities for seekers of knowledge and magickal expertise. We encourage you to visit our CURRENT STUDENTS AREA for a complete list of current and future programs.

I welcome you to begin your studies by clicking on the ENROLL NOW link then submitting your enrollment to the College today. We all are looking forward to having you join us as a new Student of the Sacred Mists!

Many blessings to you,
- Lady Raven Moonshadow
Arch Priestess and High Elder
Sacred Mists Tradition


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