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History of Witches
in the Western World
An Advanced Certification Course

The Crystal Ball by J.W. Waterhouse (1902)

Our Course Includes Detailed Study On Witches in the Western World Such As:

  • The First Witch
  • Biblical + Saintly Witches
  • Prophets
  • Enchantresses
  • Witches in Royal Courts
  • Witches of Roman Epic
  • Faerie Tale Witches
  • The True History of the Witches' Persecution
  • Gods of Magick in the Ancient Worlds of:
    -Near East
    -Northern Europe
    -Celtic Isles
  • Case Studies and Sources Rich in History and Lore including:
  • John Dee
  • The Malleus Maleficarum
  • King James' Demonologie
  • Jezabel
  • Baba Yaga
  • Circe
  • Lilith
  • Hekate
  • Odin
  • Apollo
  • Thoth + Isis
  • Enmerker's Witch
  • Merlin + Morgan LaFey
  • and MUCH MORE!


Welcome to Sacred Mists Online History of Witches In the Western World Certification Course

This course will provide you with an in-depth approach to the history of witchcraft in the Near East, Europe, and North America, as told through the tales of the mythological and historical figures associated with witchcraft and magick from the dawn of mankind to the beginning of the twentieth century. Through the analysis of their biographies and the contexts within which they “lived”, the student will be presented with the varied spectrum of women and men who have been labeled as ‘witch’ throughout time; and the anthropological transformations which occurred throughout history regarding the changing figure of the ‘Witch’ and the nature of her/his power and their presence within the politics and pop culture of their society.

Immerse yourself in our rich history and find yourself understanding your spirituality and practice better than ever before!

Enroll Now to receive Personal Interaction, Training and Assessment

Through our online message boards you will be engaging with teachers and facilitators directly. The creator of the course, Ms. Ashley Richter, also known as Athmey, is a degreed archaeologist and has been trained in some of the top schools throughout the United Kingdom. She specializes in ancient religious practices. You will also be engaging with all of your fellow students who will be taking the History of Witches in the Western World course along with you. Your coursework will be submitted via our online system, and you will receive personal assessment and commentary directly to you as you progress through the course. Enjoy robust conversation and communication as you explore the rich diversity of Pagan History with your fellow witches around the world!

Earn Your Certification in Advanced Historical Studies of Witches in the Western World.

This course is offered as a certification course, however you can opt to complete the course as  informational only rather than obtaining certification by bypassing the required essay and research assignments associated with certification. To complete the course and be eligible for certification it will be necessary to complete and pass ten research essays over the duration of the course, in addition to the homework assignments and final exam that all students will be required to complete prior to finishing the course. We hope you will join us on this amazing journey of historic discovery. We look forward to getting to know you on our travels through time!

Tuition is just $25.00 per month. The course carries a $30.00 enrollment fee. Take as long as you wish to complete the course and maintain access to the History of Witches in the Western World even after you have completed your training for as long as you remain enrolled!



Circe Offering the Cup to Odysseus
John William Waterhouse (1891)



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History of Witches in the Western World
Certification Course


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