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Manifest The Change You Want To See In Yourself And The World Around You! Train with working witches

around the world as we journey together on the path of Wicca beginning with the First Degree. We also

offer Historical Paganism programs, Herbalist Certifications, and More!


Sacred Mists strives to provide a wide selection of training programs, and as such offers many educational opportunities for seekers of knowledge and magickal expertise with an ever increasing catalog of courses available for enrollment.


The collective experience of our teachers exceeds 200 years of shared wisdom and education. We are looking forward to sharing that knowledge with you as a new student!

You learn in a well-rounded, in-depth, and intensive curriculum with every course we offer, as well as online communities and a private social network to help enhance and broaden your studies, skills, and knowledge.

As practicing witches ourselves, we are all too aware of the time constraints that come with everyday life and that is why we have never put a completion timeframe on our courses. Each lesson should take you a couple of weeks to really work through, put into practice, research and study, but you’re welcome to take all the time you need for each lesson. There’s no rush, no pressure, and no expiration for your courses.


Visit us on Facebook where you will find nearly 300,000 people who are sharing in learning and discussions with Sacred Mists! Within Sacred Mists Academy there is an enormous amount of community interaction through the use of our private social network that includes groups, forums, and chats, further enabling you to increase your knowledge and learning as well as providing you the ability to network with other like-minded individuals in a safe and supportive environment. We are the home of the original, and most enriching mentoring program of any online mystery school, ensuring that you are aided from the moment you begin your journey with us. Sacred Mists Academy is truly a spiritual home and we welcome you to make it your own. Sacred Mists Academy strives to provide a wide selection of Wicca and Witchcraft training programs, and as such offers many educational opportunities for seekers of knowledge and magical expertise with an ever increasing catalog of courses available for enrollment. I welcome you to begin your studies by clicking on the enroll link and submitting your enrollment to begin your Wicca and Witchcraft studies today. We look forward to having you join us as a new student of Sacred Mists Academy!
Many blessings to you,

Lady Lorien

Arch Priestess

Tradition Head & Founder Sacred Mists Tradition

Wiccan Degree

Complete from the First through the Third Degree, our program will lead you to ordination as a Wiccan High Priest or Priestess. Our Elder Degree rounds out this intensive, powerful, and life-changing program.

Herbalist program

Learn the art of sacred herbcraft and become a Certified Herbalist. Explore the world of herbal allies as you learn how to grow, harvest, store, and prepare herbs for use in magick as well as powerful healing elixirs.

Historical Witchcraft

Two courses, one program! Explore your magickal roots in ancient paganism and witchcraft. Study its earliest beginnings and travel the world to learn how it was practiced in every culture throughout the ages.

Spell Crafting

An intensive program focusing on all the elements of powerful spellcrafting. You'll start out by learning what it takes to make a spell work and how to manifest powerful changes in your life for health, happiness, and prosperity.

Intuitive Tarot Reader

Learn the ancient art of cartomancy as you master the art of reading the tarot intuitively to gain deep, meaningful insights into your past, present, and future for yourself or even for potential clients as a professional tarot reader.

Sacred Reiki Training

Learn the art of sacred healing through traditional Usui Reiki training and attunements. These ancient symbols and healing gifts are imparted through First Level to Master Teacher, and will empower you throughout your life.

Begin Your Journey.
Find Your Power.

Each lesson is personally graded and you will receive feedback and guidance from your instructor that is meaningful to your unique journey. There are no canned responses and no mass produced grades. This is a personal journey for you and we foster that every step of the way.

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