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In order to enroll in the College of the Sacred Mists Wiccan Degree Training Program, you will need to provide information about yourself and your background.  Please try to answer all of the questions to the best of your ability.  We absolutely positively need your full name, address and phone number, as well as a CORRECT email address!  If you don't provide us with your first and last names, your application will be rejected. Remember, you must be 18 to enroll or have parental permission.  If you need the parental permission slip, please click here. Once you have filled out the enrollment form, you will be taken to further pages where you can complete your registration process and submit your Enrollment and first Tuition payment.

A very warm welcome to The College of the Sacred Mists!


Please Complete the Form Below
Once you submit your form you will be redirected to the tuition payment page to complete your enrollment.

Full Name:
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** Please enter carefully as this is where we will ship your Witches' Datebook and Magickal Almanac if selected during the enrollment process
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Add Witches' Datebook + Almanac Printed Student Tools?

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Yes! Add 2016 Witches Datebook + Almanac.
No, Thank you. Basic Enrollment Only. 

The Annual Witches' Datebook and Magickal Almanac are both invaluable tools that many Stssudents within Sacred Mists use each and every day! We offer these to you at a reduced, student rate in order to provide you with the very best start possible. Including these as you start your journey with Sacred Mists will ensure that you have the very best learning materials at hand, all of which stay true to the tradition of the practice, which will enhance your experience and involvement with the Craft on a daily basis.

Many practitioners of the craft collect these editions year after year as they are filled with learning and reference materials, articles, recipes and historical information not found anywhere else!

Choose your desired password:


Please, no spaces or special characters. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and include at least one number. 
Have you already earned a formal Wiccan Degree?
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If Yes, in what tradition is your current degree and what was the highest Degree you attained?
Do you think you will you be continuing on with the College of the Sacred Mists after obtaining your 1st Degree?
  Yes No
Are you 18 or over?
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What are your main metaphysical interests? (i.e. crystals, healing, herbs, tarot, etc.)
Were you referred to the College by a friend? If so, please enter their name and email address so that we can thank them:

How did you hear about the College of the Sacred Mists?


If you selected an option above that directed you to provide more information, please do so in the field below:

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Please enter any additional comments or questions in the space provided, and tell us why you feel that you are ready to become a student of Sacred Mists College:


Important Note:
Once you submit your enrollment by clicking the Enroll Now button below, you will be taken to a payment page that will assist you in submitting your enrollment fee ($25.00 USD) and first month's tuition and schedule your monthly tuition payments ($25.00 USD/mo) via PayPal (your first payment will total $50.00).  Should you prefer to submit tuitions via Money Order or direct Credit Card, please note that semi-annual pre-payments of tuition is required. This option is further explained after submission of this enrollment form. Your enrollment will not be processed until your enrollment form and tuition payment have been received.

Please email Student Services for assistance should you have any trouble with the enrollment form or tuition payment process. 

Please do not submit this enrollment form if you are not serious about beginning your training with Sacred Mists in your walk on the Path of the Goddess. We are serious about your training, and Students that enroll with Sacred Mists should be serious about their training as well. We look forward to having you join us!


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